Never get lost – World Lens Translator makes the nonsensical sensible!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Globalisation is at its peak and we all have fast evolved to become the citizen of the globe. So, we speak English, eat Italian, drink French, dream Indian and plan visiting Honolulu. And, we by far are leading a (seemingly) much better life than that of our ancestors. We are going places, seeing faces and experiencing the world (literally, the entire world) around!

But, every blessing has its boon like every cloud has some rain. Ever imagined getting lost in a city with no one to guide you around? Sounds enthralling. How about getting lost in a city where you do not speak the city’s tongue and no native around speaks your tongue? There’s always English. What if English doesn’t come to your rescue? There’s not much you can do about it!

But, would it sound assuring if I happen to tell you of sign boards around in a language as alien to you as aliens are to planet Earth? If I cannot speak the tongue, how can I even read it? Got a phone in your hand, I bet you do, all you need in there is the World Lens Translator and most of your woes would be tossed out just like that.

translate swiftly smartphone

World Lens Translator, now what is that?

Translate the world around with a lens. WHAT? Yes, see that signboard in Russian, that menu card in French, the brochure in German? Focus your camera lens on the very words, zoom in if need arises, turn on the flash and there you are-a loose translation of the words in English!

You mean to say it translates just about anything and everything written in any language?

Well, almost! The standard language is English. You can get loose translation of the foreign text in English or vice-versa. Foreign language as in Mandarin, Greek, Hebrew? Please, cut it some slack, it’s just an app!  It has limitations. For now, it can translate Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese with ease. In time, let’s hope it can translate Swahili, as well. But for now, see to it that you get lost in places where one of the above mentioned languages are followed.

An translation app like no other
Foreign language made easy

Precise translation? You don’t have to memorize or learn the language right then and there, right? So, what would you do with the precise translation anyways? It promises and does translate loosely which immediately makes the nonsensical sensible.

Another limitation you may encounter and crib about is its knack for translating printed text- no fancy handwritten notes or stylized fonts for World Lens Translator. But, that’s unfair. No it isn’t, it has that one advantage which would have you eating right out of its hand.

And that is…

What is that one problem which constantly plagues you when you are out (specifically in a foreign land)? Before you make some wild guesses, please let methe ever fluctuating network! No big deal for World Lens Translator, it would still deliver what it promises to do. This is innovation at its best.

So rush to your Android and iOS stores right away and go for a ride with the World Lens Translator. And, before you say, “it must cost something”, let me tell you this-this one is absolutely free (thanks to Google).

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