Zuckerberg announces Facebook’s Graph Search – Internal search system

Updated on September 1, 2017

The leading social networking giant – Facebook is building a powerful internal search engine, told by Mark Zuckerberg in an event held at Facebook’s headquarters. According to his speech, Facebook is making several improvements to its graph search with an ability to search within your social graphs for specific queries.

The Facebook’s Graph search will let you to search just like the way you speak to someone. For example, “Restaurants in London my friends have been to”, “photos before 1990”, “people who like cycling and are from my hometown”. The search is powerful enough to rank your friends based on how much interactions you have had, which means your closer friends will appear higher up the results list.

Facebook's Graph Search

The search decides which photo should be ranked first based on the number of Likes it received, based on the people most important to you in your friend’s list.

Facebook’s Graph search is in beta and will appear as a blue search bar on top your Facebook profile. The users can sign-up for the beta or join the waiting list. According to the reports, the graph search will be limited to products like people, photos, places and interest.

Checkout Facebook’s Graph search.

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