iOS 6 features Apple Maps,3D flyover,Siri and Facebook Integration

Updated on September 1, 2017

Got used with Google Maps on your iOS devices? Well, that will no more feature in Apple iOS. A long time rumor about Apple Maps will now feature in iOS 6 with strong integration of Siri and 3D Flyover. The news was revealed by the gadget giant on Monday during its WWDC keynote. The Apple maps will feature turn-by-turn navigation which will give you a better traffic view and anonymous real time incident reports of traffic problems. The map is expected to have a strong integration with Siri allowing you to voice command to find out the nearest gas station and to find out the distance to reach your destination.

Apple maps with have 3D representation
Apple maps will have 3D representation

Another interesting feature called “3D Flyover” will allow you to view the scenes in 3D, much like the 3D maps from Google. In the view of developing its own map application, the company acquired “Placebase”, “Poly9” and “C3 Technologies” over the years. The report also says that iOS 6 will come with a strong integration of Facebook. The updated version of Maps will be seen in the iOS 6 release.

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