How to find someone’s Hidden Friends list on Facebook

Updated on September 1, 2017

If you are someone who is hiding your friends list by marking it private on Facebook, and thinking no one could ever figure out who your friends are, then, you are totally wrong!

There are a couple of ways that anyone could follow to get your hidden friend list.

There are two ways to find the private friend list. One method is simply the easiest one, but time consuming. The other method would need some coding skills from your side. Lets discuss both! And its your wish to follow the one you like.

Manually Find the Friends List in Facebook

> Go to the profile where someone has hidden their friend list

> Use graph search to find probable friends of the person (give the same work area, educational institutions, etc.)

> Pick a person from that search who has a public profile and find their mutual friends using the below URL

  • Note : The account Ids can be extracted from their profile URL

> Now you will get a list of friends.

> Repeat the above process a number of times by picking a new person each time in the mutual friend list to get the whole list of friends.

This process may be very vague but, if you are curious about some other person, just follow these steps.

Using Python Code to find all hidden friends

Shay Priel, a GitHub user has automated the whole process of finding the hidden friend list in a Python Script. This script called the Facebook Hidden Friend Crawler, was tested in Ubuntu and has given successful results.

You would need python-lxml, selenium, requests and colorama installed for this script to work.

Check out the video below for more information

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