How satisfied your boy friend or girl friend is? – Facebook knows that!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Well, i know the title is bit shocking, but it’s shockingly true. According to the recent study by online education directory WorldWideLearn, your love life is not secret if you are on Facebook. The social networking giant with the reachability of 1 billion users might know your relationship secrets. Facebook can predict how strong your relationship is, how satisfied your boy friend or girlfriend is, when you might break up, what kind of song you’ll listen when you are in love mood and when you are not. The study conducted by a group of researchers from University of Wisconsin says that when men post their status as “In relationship” are more satisfied with their relationships. And when the women change their profile pictures that include their partners are more satisfied than the rest.

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Check out the Infographic below,

What Does Facebook Know About Your Love Life?
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