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Updated on September 1, 2017

There are times when you have a great written paper, GD, interview and you have all the technical qualifications for a job but still you are deserted. Your mind falls in the dilemma to figure out, where the heck your personality is making you fall down. Have you checked your social profile clearly?

The social profile might be a deciding factor for your acceptance or rejection of a certain job or work. Social profile helps an employee in figuring out the soft skills, such as behavior, social presence and the overall personality presented in general public.

The importance of social profile can be attributed as equally valuable and important to as your resume. There are actual cases where the Boss fired an employee for having a bad image over the social media platforms.

Being social
The effect of words presented by you on others

So, be very alert and sensitive towards your virtual image presented on these platforms. You can charm an employee by your magnetic social presence and hence we are providing certain tips which will be surely fruitful in impressing the HR of a firm:-

Effect of social media on employers.
How employers judge candidate according to his profile.
  • Mind what you write, what you post, what you like, what you show and what you are in real. It is very crucial to recognize upto what limit you should post a certain thing, just because the Facebook says “What’s in your mind”, doesn’t mean you have to express all your feelings and emotions.
  • Show your skills, flaunt them in style. If you are a blogger and you have your own blog, share it on these platforms. If you are a coder, share your website, get yourself recognized and respect everyone’s point of view.
  • Create professional accounts and try to get involved in the various social pages of corporate sectors, like them and follow them. Give your time and care to LinkedIn, connect yourself with the employees and take part in the discussions and forums.
  • Show your education and qualifications in a true and relevant manner. This can help in attracting an employee, and you can also create your own pages to show a bit of your personality, it can be related to politics, social activities, education or corruption.
  • Keep your profile up to date, don’t live in your past. Define yourself in a productive manner, don’t just write crap without any sense, Try to be innovative and have knowledge of the current affairs and explore different ideas through social media.

So, these were some of the tips which can help your social profile to make bizarre impact on an employee and moreover it reflects your personality. The social profile is not only the medium to interact with each other but it has become beyond that respect and it can provide help in judging and knowing the personality of an individual and the profile can also lure an employee in the positive way. Hope these tips will prove to be helpful for your future perspective.

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