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Updated on September 1, 2017

You:That new movie is on the telly tonight, let’s watch it.

Friend:Yes, let’s do that!

In the evening, your friend crashes into your place and you both eagerly switch on the telly with a big bowl of popcorn in one hand and the remote in another, you flick through the channels looking for that particular channel and as the realization slowly dawns on you, you turn to your friend and say, “No problem, let’s live stream it, instead “.You change rooms and place yourself in front of your PC and with confidence browse through a plethora of services which promises to live stream your favorite channel, the result-THIS VIDEO IS NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR COUNTRY! (with an emoticon which seems to be putting up a front of being sad).

We all have been there and seen that and have even thought to self, “I wish I were in a different country just for tonight“. When one was tired of the real world borders, we thought the virtual world would be a little better, only to realize otherwise. Borders in the virtual world decide what you can watch and what you cannot. And wailing, “That’s unfair! It’s my fundamental right to decide what I want to watch and what I don’t”, would not make an iota of difference and then, you need to know that ours is a democratic country, the neighbors are communists, meaning-for them, everything is fair in love and war.

Let’s cut to the chase-an app which would keep your location anonymous, that is, would hide your IP address would be welcoming. UnoTelly is one such app which would do just that and give you  your “fundamental right” of being able to watch whatever you want.

Tellying it

It is that one key which unlocks every lock. All you do is go to their homepage and use the app for free for the next 8 days. After the stipulated time, pay a subscription fee of  $4.95 or $7.95, depending on your need and enjoy your favorite channel (s).

price list

Just like that? No hitch? None at all. What channel do you want to watch- Netflix?abc?aertv?You can watch them all and even more. There are 236 of them all, checkout complete list (link at the bottom)

Look at them all

But I prefer carrying my telly with me everywhere on my phone or tab. Good, for you, UnoTelly even supports that. They claim, “If you have, we probably support it!” Here’s a brief list of devices compatible with UnoTelly-

  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP
  • iPhone
  • iTouch
  • iPad
  • MacOS
  • Windows 8
  • Linux/Ubuntu
  • Android (most versions)
  • Sonos
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Xbox 360 & One
  • Nintendo Wii/U
  • Sony PlayStation 3 & 4
  • Boxee
  • Apple TV
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Chromecast
  • Roku
  • Various Blu-Ray players
  • Google TV
  • Now TV
  • Various smart TVs
  • Google TV
  • then more..
Watch it one any number of devices

Features of UnoTelly which would definitely bowl you over-

  • You can access any number of channels through it on any number of devices at a time without any hitch.
  • Who doesn’t like customization? Well, UnoTelly Dynamo would let you stream channels from three distinct regions at a time.
  • They boast of world class customer support team. Get in touch with them any time of the day in case of a “hitch ” (which is unlikely to happen).
  • This one is the best-it has no middlemen, meaning, blazing speed with no buffering.
  • It is in the west, in the east and every where in between. Everywhere means EVERYWHERE!

UnoTelly is a must have for all you telly belles and beaus, for that matter.

PS. Not all channel can be streamed on all devices. Chances are if you cannot watch it on your iPad, you probably can watch it on your phone. Happy UnoTellying!

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