Are you being stalked in the name of advertisements? Facebook is keeping an eye out on you- Beware!

Updated on September 1, 2017

Any lexicon would define Stalking as an act of pursuing or approaching someone or something stealthily. Stalking is a crime in a country where freedom is the most priced asset. And most of the countries around the world fall in this category.

Today, stalking can be categorized into two varieties – real world stalking and virtual world stalking. When one keeps tabs on you in person it is a real world phenomenon. But if one tracks your every move over the internet it would be categorized under virtual world stalking. Virtual world stalking is by no means less a crime than its real world counterpart, as both of them are very closely related. Information curated from one’s online activity involves their real life details, so it is a notorious act by every mean!

But, when stalkers lurk around the corner wearing a corporate mask, the term ‘stalking’ takes up a different meaning. These corporate stalkers stalk their customers by luring them into the trap of ‘simple and easy’. After the NSA (National Security Agency) leaks, many such naive customers had to reluctantly face the brutal truth. And seems the newest addition to this ‘deceptive stalker family’ is none other than Facebook!

Facebook privacy issue

What Facebook used to do?

On a normal day, it tracks your profile’s activities. It also tracks the activities of those friends with you on Facebook. It heaps up informations like your likes, dislikes, follows and many other random browses within the social networking site and then diverts advertisements of commodities of your likings.

What it would now do?

And, we have known this for quite some time now. No one ever protested as it seemed to be no big deal. Like they made things easy for us and spared us the pain of endless browsing.

But, how would react if you were told that Facebook now plans to track your movement all over the internet? May it be on a shopping site or a carburettor file, Facebook would have its eyes on you at all times.

If you shrugged your shoulders indifferently, thinking, “Big deal?” well this might wake you up from your slumber. If Facebook starts doing what it has proposed in theory, it would mean free circulation of information which you would otherwise not share with strangers. Your medical details, spouse, extended family details, residential details and other sensitive details would be out for the advertisers to see.

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But, why is Facebook doing this in the first place?

Because you wanted to be done with the pain of random surfing. Because easy peasy is what you’ve demanded all your life. You asked for it, they are at it!

Can I get them off my back?

Yes and no!

It is Facebook, it is all over the place. Every site with Facebook option on it is a trap. You mean I should never ever step into the virtual world as every site has a Facebook option! That is there, but here is what you can do-

  • Log out every time you log into your account.
  • If you use a Chrome or Firefox browser, then get yourself and ABP (AdBlock Plus) or Facebook disconnect for Chrome extensions. Then there is Do Not Track Plus, Ghostery and many other extensions. These would ward off the Facebook fiend from bothering you much.
  • Then there’s always the option of deleting the Facebook cookies after killing time on Facebook.
  • You can try opting out of it at the Digital Advertising Alliance, but it doesn’t guarantee anything.
  • And lastly, let’s wait for Facebook for an option where customers can speak for themselves.

Until then, keep yourself protected and install your extensions. Here’s an exhaustive list of all.

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