Install Android 4.3 in Oracle VirtualBox – Complete Guide with screenshots

Updated on September 3, 2017

Ever wanted to run Android on your desktop? Be it a Linux or Windows PC, you can now Android operating system with the help of virtualization or using BlueStacks. However, this tutorial is meant to help you install Android 4.3 in oracle VirtualBox.


Installing Android on VirtualBox

Step 1: Launch VirtualBox and click “New” button to create a new virtual machine.

New virtual machine

Step 2: Enter the below details

  • Name : Android-x86
  • Type: Linux
  • Version : 2.6/3.x

Install OS in VM

Step 3: Go through the wizard and set memory and hard disk size.

RAM limit in VM

Step 4: Once the virtual machine is created, double click on it to boot with the downloaded Android ISO image.

Android 4.3 in VM

Step 5: Load Android-x86 ISO file and click “Start” button to boot the Android installer inside Virtual machine.

Install Android on VM

Step 6: Select the Installation option as shown below

Install android in desktop

Step 7 : Create Partition as shown below

modify partition android vm

Step 8 : Use arrow keys to select New option and hit Enter to create new partition.

Android on virtualbox

Step 9: To create primary partition, choose Primary option and hit Enter. In the following screen, hit Enter again to allow the partition to occupy the entire virtual disk.

Android partition manager

Step 10: In the following screen, highlight Bootable option and hit Enter to mark the partition bootable. Using arrow keys, select Write option and hit Enter to write changes to virtual disk. You may have to type yes and hit Enter to write the changes.

Bootable Android OS

Step 11: Once done, select quit to move back to partition screen  – where you can see the newly created partition.

Android partition manager

Step 12: Select the new partition and hit “OK“. In the next screen, select ext3 as file system and select OKYes to format the partition.

Android partition in desktop

Step 13: In the next screen, install GRUB bootloader by pressing Yes. You should see the GRUB installation as below.

android grub loader

Step 14: That’s it! You can start the Android operating.

Run android on VM

Step 15: Go through the Android setup and finally you should see the Android Homescreen. Below is the snapshot of Android Apps screen.

Install android apps on VM

Watch the process in action!

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